Penny on scale

Photo: Penny on scale*

In the early stages of training I believe that the training sessions should be kept short and sweet. I want to give the eagle time to realize what I want from her so today, much like yesterday, I weighed her and walked out of the mews weathering yard and jumped Penny onto a large boulder in our yard.
The wind was up (9-15mph) as we have a storm coming in and there was a slight drizzle falling. Now, combining wind with an untrained bird could cause some problems, as Penny will want to go with the wind. However, I just dealt with it. She did try and fly off a couple of times, landing on the grass at the end of the creance, but I just picked her up and put her back on the boulder and when she settled down she flew to me. So, a little bit of a rodeo today with the wind but, we’re still moving forward.
*The scale that Penny is on comes from Germany and is simply the best scale I have ever seen. It will box up into the perch and be protected while traveling. It will weigh anything up to 55 lbs which means I can weigh all my raptors on it, from the 9.5 oz perlins to the largest female eagle. This scale will be sold exclusively though our website: more info coming soon.

March 17, 2009
Wt 9.49 lbs
For a couple of days I have been jumping Penny onto the rock which has brought on some interesting changes in her behavior. When calling her off a standard perch, from which she knows that she cannot fly away, she is fine but on a rock, which to her is a more wild-like situation, she over- flies me most of the times I call her to the fist. I just go and return her to the rock where she pouts for a few moments and then she flies to the glove. I do not want to drop her weight; I’ll just keep working through this. Once she settles down she will be more willing to come longer and longer distances to the glove.

March 21, 2009
Wt 9 lbs
Penny has been acting just slightly overweight, so I skipped a day and did not feed her which made a difference.
I reintroduced the lure today and I was pleased that she reacted well to it. I put two quail legs on it which got her attention. I jumped her to the rock, threw out the lure and she immediately focused on it and flew to it, grabbed it and hauled it up to the rock. I then walked up to her and transferred her onto the glove with her meal. She did well. I am pleased. My thinking at this point is that I’ll just get her coming to the lure and not to the fist so much. As always, all things are subject to change, to be sure.


Eagle Road Trip Mini-Me
Eagle Road Trip Mini-Me