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Training Eagles the Easy Way - Second Edition

Joe and Cordi Atkinson have been working with golden eagles for more than three decades. Their experiences have led them around the world training, not only golden eagles, but eagles like the rarest eagle of them all, the Philippine Eagle. the method shown on this DVD is a low stress training method that has been used on many different raptors, not just golden eagles, by falconers around the world.

This two-disk DVD will show you what to do from the moment you get your new eagle and every step of the way up to free-flight and hunting.

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Price: $60

The International Festival of Falconry

The International Festival of Falconry, held in Al Ain in the United Arab Emirates in December 2011, was a celebration of falconry in the highest order. Falconers came from all over the world to participate in this spectacular celebration of one of the planet’s oldest sports. This DVD will take you on a journey back in time to desert camp, to riding camels into the desert that has no end, hunting falcons after the elusive desert hare…..and then to the magnificent pageantry of the festival at Jahili Fort with countries displaying their native costumes and falconry traditions through displays and exhibitions, all culminating in the dazzling Parade of Nations. The desert is calling you back to a land where time stands still, where falconry existed in its infancy and where you can live your dream at every turn.

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Eagle Journal - The Movie

Cordi and I produced this DVD to show what it is like to hunt a golden eagle and to demonstrate the power and speed of a golden eagle in the field. Flying jack rabbits off the fist is very exciting and, as anyone knows, the black-tail jack rabbit is a fast and challenging quarry that has left many a game hawk in its dust. A well conditioned male golden eagle, however, can make catching them look easy. The power and speed of the golden eagle is, to say the least, amazing. Many people have said after viewing this DVD that they “did not realize golden eagles were that fast”. My male eagle, Jackhammer, does his best to show you everything golden eagles can do. There are lots of off-the-fist flights with tons of action.

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Moment of Impact

“Moment of Impact” is another outstanding program by Nat-Geo produced for PBS Nature that Cordi and I had the pleasure to be involved with. It is a two part DVD with Episode 1, Hunters & Herds, capturing the drama between predator and prey, and Episode 2, Jungle, exploring the dynamics of jungle ecosystems. Our part in Episode 1 was filmed in Kansas in the middle of tornado season. You would never know by the beautiful footage that each day brought a new wave of thunderstorms and tornados that sent us running for cover.

You will see Jackhammer doing what he does best, catching jack rabbits, but from a new perspective as Nature captures the biomechanics behind the predator/prey pursuit.

You can find this DVD at Barnes and Noble

Raptor Force

Cordi and I were proud to contribute to this wonderful program produced by the National Geographic Society for PBS’ Nature. You will see Jackhammer wearing a back pack camera and filmed on our ranch in California. If you like nature programs this is a must see, with many different raptors and falconers contributing to this outstanding program that shows the amazing abilities of raptors in flight.

Training Eagles The Easy Way

This is a step-by-step DVD that follows the training of a passage female golden eagle from her first feeding on the fist to her first kill in the field. The purpose of this DVD is to give a new eagle falconer a low stress method of training a freshly trapped eagle that will reduce the chances of stress borne illnesses such as aspergillosis. I developed the techniques used in this DVD while training many asper recovering eagles. I needed to find a method of training these birds and getting them hunting and back out into the wild without over-stressing them and possibly causing them to have a relapse. What I found was that by training in this manner, not only did I not have any eagles get sick, but I also ended up with super hunting birds. There are many ways to train birds and this is just one of many, but it works and has proven itself many times over.

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Eagle Road Trip

Come along with Cordi and me as we take our two eagles, Jackhammer and Mini-Me, on a road trip into the midwest hunting our way to the International Eagle Austringer Association (IEAA) annual field meet, the Gathering of Eagles (GOE) held in Garden City, Kansas and then on to the NAFA meet in Amarillo, Texas. We found many large black tail jack rabbits and witnessed many great flights. Cordi filmed everything, just as it happened, with the idea of taking you along as part of the group. We hope that you will find Eagle Road Trip entertaining and fun to watch.

Price: $29.95 ( + shipping )