Cordi and I hope you enjoy reading about our adventures flying and hunting golden eagles.

The Eagle Journal started out with me emailing a few friends telling them what was going on with our eagles, sharing the daily training and hunting and all that goes into getting an eagle trained and into the field. Apparently reading about me chasing eagles down busy four-lane roads dodging cars, tracking eagles in people’s backyards, having eagles grab dogs, coyotes, cats, badgers or other raptors, driving myself to the hospital because I was grabbed, has been, over the years, some kind of sick entertainment for my friends. The closer I came to near death the more people seemed to want to read the Eagle Journal. From just emailing a couple of friends the eagle journal has grown to include a list of more than fifteen countries and who knows how many readers and has continued to evolve into what we have today, this website.

One thing you will find is that we leave nothing out — the good, the bad, the ugly, it is all told just as it happens. Over the years we have trained and released dozens of golden eagles. This is our passion, to take young eagles that through no fault of their own, both through injury or sickness, missed out on learning the skills necessary for survival from their parents and give them the opportunity, and possibly their last chance, to become wild eagles. They arrive in our hands with very little idea of what they are; all they know is that they hate people. They have been netted, poked, examined and forced to swallow medicine that tasted horrible. And, of course, not knowing that this was all done to save them, to say they have developed a great hatred for people is an understatement. Many eagles have never flown more than fifty feet in their life. To take an eagle like this and watch it grow and learn to ride the wind, and hunt and make its first kill, to see these young eagles now suddenly realize what they are and what they are capable of, for us, is very gratifying. The greatest reward for us is to release a conditioned and confident hunter that now has at least a fighting chance to survive. So we invite you to come along with us on a journey as we fly and hunt eagles and prepare them for life in the wild.


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International Festival of Falconry

Available from CorJo Wildlife Productions

The International Festival of Falconry, held in Al Ain in the United Arab Emirates in December 2011, was a celebration of falconry in the highest order. Falconers came from all over the world to participate in this spectacular celebration of one of the planet’s oldest sports. This DVD will take you on a journey back in time to desert camp, to riding camels into the desert that has no end,hunting falcons after the elusive desert hare…and then to the magnificent pageantry of the festival at Jahili Fort with countries displaying their native costumes and falconry traditions through displays and exhibitions,all culminating in the dazzling Parade of Nations. The desert is calling you back to a land where time stands still, where falconry existed in its infancy and where you can live your dream at every turn.