Jackhammer and Mini-Me

September 11, 2008

JH    8lbs 10oz

MM 7lbs 4oz

I have been slowly bringing both of them down in weight and started showing them the lure, first in the weathering yard, then moving out to the lawn area. We have now graduated to one of the wheat stubble fields on the ranch with Cordi pulling the lure behind our gator (all purpose ranch tractor). I have never tried this before as a means of conditioning instead of just hunting, but jacks are scarce around here so one must get creative.

Both eagles have taken to this little game nicely. They fly hard and seem to enjoy the chase. JH is not as thrilled as MM since he never cared much for the lure anyway, but seeing something moving across the field is something he cannot resist. Today we have built up to multiple flights and soon we’ll be hunting.