Jackhammer and Mini-me 2008-2009

Jackhammer and Mini-me


Jackhammer (JH) is my most experienced golden eagle. He is 5 years old and has caught a ton of game in 5 different states. He is not an easy bird to fly. He is a full imprint but not in a nice way. Having been sick as a youngster and being force fed medicine, he is not overly fond of people. He is very aggressive, is quite moody, and looks at everything as a target/food. Like I said, JH is not an easy eagle to hunt, but once past all that you get a very fast eagle that loves to kill things. Cordi said it best when she said JH has a completely different look than all the other eagles we have flown, like he is on fire.


Mini-Me (MM) has touched my heart from the first day I saw him when he was trying to grab me as I stood looking at him in a big flight chamber. MM is also a full on imprint with major health problems that I have talked about in other journal entries.  I have caught jacks with MM but he can be a little tricky to fly, as I never know when he might decide to come after me. But he does try hard at hunting and wants to be good.


So this then is the start of the 2008-9 hunting season for JH and MM