MM and JH 4/12/07


JH 8.6 lbs.

MM 7.6 lbs.

As my time flying in Lathrop winds down I want to make the most of it. Despite the fact that it is such an ugly place to fly a bird, it has, over the years, given me countless good times with thousands of slips. Today would be a real test, the wind was blowing 20 plus mph and it seemed that in each field I went to, someone was doing something. Construction is everywhere and the lush green fields that the jacks had lived in are disappearing almost daily. The time has come to move on.


I hunted the large hay field and did not see that many jacks. The wind was causing trouble, but JH was having a good time playing in it, sometimes going high up overhead looking for slips. The jacks were running down the train tracks with JH hot on their butts, it was fun to see. I went over to the field from hell hoping for more slips, but the wind seemed to gain in strength and it got to the point where I figured I might turn back and call it a day. But I had walked out into the hot zone and figured I’d give it a try. I frankly did not think that even JH could fly down a jack in this strong of a wind. But when a jack flushed from off of my left, directly into the wind, JH exploded off the fist with attitude and flew the jack down like there was not even a breeze. If I had not seen it with my own eyes I would not have believed it. Unreal!!

JH and his new cuffs


MM gave it the old college try but was overmatched on this day by the wind. He did have one good slip where he closed on a jack but just did not have the gas to finish the flight. I fed him up and called it a day.

MM and his new cuffs