Mini-Me and JH


JH 8.10 lbs

MM 7.3lbs


I went into the new hay field which is now completely covered in fiddle neck. JH was looking for ears — jack rabbits will raise their ears, listening for predators, and JH is very good at spotting them. In the bright green field the jack rabbit’s ears are a sunset orange due to the blood running though the thin skin. I can tell when JH has spotted something; I don’t usually see them but he does. When the ears go down it is usually a signal that the rabbit is moving, most likely running. JH launched off the fist with power and extreme intensity, building speed as only he can do. His full wing strokes were becoming shorter and quicker, he just kept building speed. I still could not see what he was after but I knew whatever it was, it was running and running fast! Suddenly I saw a flash of brown in a clearing. A large male black tail jack rabbit was in full after burn, back legs easily going past its nose, accelerating at a tremendous rate! JH was angling slightly to the right and still building speed. I was still watching the jack, mesmerized by the acceleration and speed, when, from out of nowhere, a dark shadow came in and swallowed up the jack rabbit. Once again I walked out of the hunting field shaking my head at what I had just seen.

JH and his rabbit "Beautiful" Lathrop Ca.

JH and his rabbit

He flew his ass off today and just did not catch one, it happens. He is now returning to the fist from any distance and has made the connection that he needs to get back on the fist for another slip.

A tired young eagle

A tired young eagle