Day 51


Eagle Journal

Day 51

Jackhammer: 8lbs 8oz

Temp: 58’ / Wind: 0 mph

Hello everyone,

I went to the field from hell (FFH) first off this morning. I was early and figured there should be something in the field, and I was right. JH is so dialed in right now it’s a little scary. For example, as I was entering the fields he was standing on the tips of his toes looking for jacks. As I walked along he was flinching at dragon flies, lizards; on one occasion he almost launched off the fist at a small little brown bird no bigger than a canary.   The way I enter the FFH is to go along the railroad tracks for a short distance and then go up the bank into the field. I no sooner had gotten on the railroad tracks and a jack flushed out of the tumbleweeds that grow along the tracks. JH was gone in a flash and closing on the jack who promptly dove back into the tumbleweeds. JH did this big pitch up, 50 or more feet in the air, and just hung there. I ran at the tumbleweeds trying to flush the jack rabbit, but the jack would not flush. I could see it which meant it could see JH and it decided on taking its chances with me rather than JH.

I headed out into the heart of the FFH with JH standing as tall as he could, looking at any place that could produce a jack.. I love that! Suddenly, without any warning, a jack was up and running and JH exploded off the fist, driving hard, over-taking the rabbit, and slammed into it at full speed! I stepped JH back up on the fist and off we went again. I made a wide circle not really wanting to go too deep into the field, realizing that I still had to walk out and that trip had already been made more difficult with the weight of one jack rabbit. I was walking in the general direction of the truck when I heard a jack flushing off my left side but to my back. At the same moment I heard the rabbit flush, JH left the fist, taking my hat with him. I picked up my hat, looked to see the flight, and it was already over! Sure seems like JH is catching them easier. I don’t know if the jacks have gotten slower or JH has gotten faster but something has changed.

Sunday will be a first for me and JH. We will be in Oregon hunting for the first time. Cordi and I plan on staying 3-4 days taking care of other business and hunting JH. Different terrain, smarter jack rabbits and different climate — I can not wait. This will be a totally new experience for me, looking for new fields, finding out where I can fly without getting thrown in jail, stuff like that.

Hope all is well,


Pic 1:  end of day

Pic 2:   JH on jack #1