Day 49


Eagle Journal

Day 49

Jackhammer: 8lbs 6oz

Temp: 69’ / Wind: 0 mph

Hello everyone,

I thought I’d start off by going to the postage stamp field today. There was a lot of activity on all sides of the field — people walking dogs, trucks making huge clanging noises and, to top it all off, JH was very sure that there was something in the far corner of this field that he did not like. Try as I might I could only get about halfway through the field and JH flew all the way back to the trees. Before I could get back to the trees JH launched out and flew across three sets of cyclone fences, did a wing-over, and fortunately missed what I presume was a jack rabbit. He came back to the trees and I walked out into the goat field to give him a better shot at coming down to me.

I noticed that the goat herder had moved his entire herd of goats completely out of this big field into the tumbleweed field. The goats had, for the most part, cleaned off the vegetation, at least anything green. As I stood there looking out at the field I was, to say the least, astounded that jack rabbits were running everywhere. JH was still up in a tree and I knew that all I had to do was start going out into the field and he’d come bombing out after me. First though, I needed to see if the goat herder still had his electric fencing spewing all over the place and, to my delight, the fence was only up in one short span at the beginning of the field. It only took a few steps and JH launched on a jack. As he flew off, jacks were popping up the entire way. In fact, JH closed on the one he was after and, on impact, another jack rabbit popped up in the same exact spot.

Having a guest in the field, in this case Vince, has its advantages JH will step off a kill faster the closer the guest gets. Of course, the closer the guest gets, it increases the danger that they may be attacked. I waved Vince in

After retrieving the rabbit I unhooded JH and turned and headed in another direction, going down into an old, dry pond area. There were jacks everywhere, running out the far end in groups of twos and threes. I got down at the bottom of the pond and a jack flushed and went up the bank with JH hot on its tail. Up and over the top and out on the flats they went. JH overtook the jack and had number two. I waved Vince in closer and JH stepped up on the fist. I think I took three steps and another rabbit flushed. JH was off and closing. The jack tried to make a sweeping turn and JH flew down number three. My vest, at this point, was feeling quite heavy and I figured we would hunt our way back to the truck. JH closed on a rabbit heading straight for the electric fence but thankfully pulled off. With that, I fed him up.

Hope all is well,