Mini-Me 3/17/07


MM on first kill YES!!!!

MM on first kill YES!!!!


I went out early; the sun was just coming up as I was driving down to Lathrop.

I was hopeful that the early start would produce more slips, but it did not. JH never really got a good slip; he was taking very long ones, the full length of the big hay field, and coming back. We hunted 3 fields without many jacks, so I went to the goat field and pulled out MM.

I was bound and determined not to let MM go off chasing jacks on long energy- burning slips. I wanted to keep him close and hope for a close jack that he could catch. As I walked out into the field I was tapping his toes in an effort to keep his focus in front of us instead of way off out in the field. A jack got up, maybe 30 yards out, and he was off. I was slightly annoyed because this was just a little far, but he closed and almost hooked the jack. I went over, called him to the fist, and started to walk again. Another jack flushed and I, out of sheer habit, released him and he was off. Now I’m pissed at myself because this jack is much farther out than I wanted and well, dang it, I didn’t want to do that!! As I stood there and watched, however, MM flew with speed and power, closing quickly on the jack, which was becoming more and more freaked out. MM dropped down low, went barreling in, and slammed into the jack!!! Wow! That was a real feel good moment for me because of the things that this young eagle has had to overcome to get to this point are truly remarkable. The broken back, the leg broken in two places, he was not even supposed to be able to stand upright, let alone fly correctly, and now he was flying and hunting and catching game, and is an eagle.