Mini-Me 3/13/07

JH with jack near the pipe


I took JH to the large hay field and walked the entire thing. We saw a few jacks but ended up coming up on the oat hay at the end of the alfalfa field. JH had flown off the fist and made a large circle over the knee-high oat hay, and was just about to land on my fist, when a jack flushed, going straight for the pipe at the irrigation ditch. JH landed on my fist, turned and saw the jack, and launched off after it. He really got no help from me and, with pure power, built speed and closed quickly on the jack. Just as the jack got to the pipe and hesitated just a second before disappearing, JH slammed into it, literally jerking the jack out from the mouth of the pipe. That was something!


Man, this bird gives a great effort. I hunted him for 2 hours and, despite being dead tired, he kept trying. I have been working him at the shorter slips, but it is difficult because he wants to chase any jack he sees. He took 10 slips at 200 yards or more today. He does have plenty of speed and has shown a lot of quickness putting moves on jacks. I really am at a loss as to why he has not caught one yet. Example: I walk slowly through the field, he is sitting nicely on the fist and actively hunting, a jack flushes about 20 feet in front of us, MM launches and closes easily, goes in for the catch, and the jack just barely jumps up and MM misses. His confidence level has grown and he is showing a great degree of tameness. He comes into the glove soft and does not bite or strike. Today he learned to drop his feet as he landed on the glove, making for a nicer landing. MM also got quite a lesson from the nesting male red tail that stooped him many times and had him a little bugged, for sure.

Mini-Me surveying the field
MM on my fist surveying his hunting field