Mini-Me 3/9/07



I hunted the FFH (field from hell) and did not flush one jack which was surprising because I have not gone there much. I then went to the big hay field and went into the oat hay that is growing at the end of the alfalfa. No sooner had I walked into the field when I jumped the strangest looking coyote that I have ever seen. It showed signs of some kind of injury, probably from being hit by a car, and was pretty banged up, but the strange thing was that it was almost hairless. JH was going ape, he wanted that coyote in the worst way. I had to hood him and go to the 10 acre alfalfa hay field instead. I was not going to have JH bind to a coyote that could be very sick. I went up and over the bank into the hay field and JH left the fist and took off after a jack that was at least 500 yards away. He flew it down, went in on it, the jack jumped up and over JH and JH flew all the way back to my fist. A few more steps and another jack was up and running. With JH closing fast, the jack ran straight into an irrigation pipe! With JH hooded, I ran back to the truck and drove over to the pipe. I got my rabbit net, quickly threw my hawking vest over one end of the pipe, raced to the other end to set up my net and. POW.. the jack hit the net! A bag for MM! JH then caught a jack in the goat field.. a good flight.


MM is very keen to go after jacks. He thinks he can just fly down any jack he sees; the problem is he just does not have the horsepower right now. And there’s the fact that he is actually learning to fly as he is chasing game. He made some interesting flights and did come very close, but the one slip that gave me some hope was the last one. MM was showing signs of wearing down as there was a good wind blowing and he had made several long flights. I had worked my way back in the direction of a bagged jack, when a jack flushed just in front of us but upwind. MM launched but not cleanly, but still got going and closed, making the jack zig zag back and forth. Then he busted a move on the rabbit and damn near hooked it. As I headed over to where I had placed the bagged jack, MM took off after another rabbit, so I figured now was my opportunity to get the jack out of the box and ready for MM. I watched it start to run, seeing the rope feed out, and figured that once the jack hit the end of the rope all hell would break loose. The jack got to the end of the rope and .the knot didn’t hold and off ran the jack! We went home.