Mini-Me 3/7/07

Mini-Me on bagged rabbit

Mini-Me on bagged rabbit


I am just about out of food for the 3 eagles. JH normally brings in a lot of food for the other eagles but in the last couple of outings JH has not connected on any jacks. Fortunately, I had enough food to fly today..

I went to the large hay field today for two reasons: JH could catch one there and a jack might run into one of the irrigation pipes and I’d have a bag for MM. Well, none of the jacks went into the pipes but JH did catch one in good style.

I took MM to the goat field and started checking pipes that are laying everywhere. The first one I looked in had a rabbit. I got out my net and placed it over one end of the pipe but couldn’t get the rabbit to run out. So I cut a long branch from a tree to shove into the pipe to extricate the rabbit. I had just stopped jamming the branch into the pipe, thinking it was not long enough, when the rabbit flushed out of the pipe into my most ingenious rabbit net. I left the rabbit out in the open field tied to a log, figuring that I would make a big circle hunting the other end of the field to give MM a chance to go after wild jacks. He showed a lot of interest and launched at some jacks way out in the field, 200 yards plus, and again almost caught one!!! He flew back to the fist nicely and gave chase two more times. long power chases, getting oh so close. I eventually worked my way around to the area where I knew the bagged rabbit was; I could see the string and the rabbit hiding in the grass. I walked up on the rabbit and when it flushed MM launched. He just about grabbed it but missed, turned, and came back to catch the rabbit — nice lesson for him. It will be interesting to see what he does next time out.