Day 50


Eagle Journal

Day 50

Jackhammer: 8lbs 5oz

Temp: 70’ / Wind: 2 mph


Hello everyone,

Both our daughters came home for the weekend, J.J. down from Calgary, Canada and Chrissy up from Ventura, CA. Cordi and I were very excited and had many things planned, for example: going and getting hair fixed up; nails painted, both toes and fingers; in general, the total body work over. I did not attend any of these very necessary life sustaining activities, as it was pointed out to me. I did however perk up when they both asked when are we going flying, Dad?

It is one of life’s great pleasures to share with your children something that you feel passionate about. For me, I am blessed because all three of my girls, Cordi, J.J., and Chrissy all enjoy going flying, be it the perlins, falcons, or eagles. They have seen hundreds of flights and understand what it takes to get a bird in the hunting field.

We didn’t have much time and, in fact, we got kind of a late start. So I figured we’d go to the goat field. Turning right off the paved road gave me a clue as to what we would see jacks and more jacks running everywhere! JH and I have not had two extra people in the field with us for quite some time. He was just a little put off but hey, he’d get over it. For whatever reason JH catches jack rabbits in this field very easily, truthfully, without much effort. We spread out and walked in a line with both girls off of my right side. That way JH could see everyone. I think it makes birds uneasy to have people off to the left where they have to look over their shoulder.   I could see jacks leaving the field way out in front of us, and so could JH. He launched and flew 300 yards out, went in hard on a jack, and missed!? We continued walking and a jack got up closer. JH flew it down easily. Not much to say about this flight; JH didn’t put out much effort. The rabbit couldn’t get away and he knew it. The second slip was faster and happened within steps of the first. I don’t think I’ll go back to this field much more. It really isn’t much sport hunting here. For me it was more about the company than anything else.

Hope all is well,


Pic 1:  Proud dad and oldest daughter.

Pic 2:  J.J. doing her thing at Spruce Meadows horse show, Canada.