International Festival of Falconry

Available from CorJo Wildlife Productions
The International Festival of Falconry, held in Al Ain in the United Arab Emirates in December 2011, was a celebration of falconry in the highest order. Falconers came from all over the world to participate in this spectacular celebration of one of the planet’s oldest sports. This DVD will take you on a journey back in time to desert camp, to riding camels into the desert that has no end, hunting falcons after the elusive desert hare…..and then to the magnificent pageantry of the festival at Jahili Fort, with countries displaying their native costumes and falconry traditions through displays and exhibitions, all culminating in the dazzling Parade of Nations. The desert is calling you back to a land where time stands still, where falconry existed in its infancy, and where you can live your dream at every turn.